Becoming an Iyengar Yoga teacher is a commitment and a journey.  Learning to teach yoga is one of the most rewarding experiences of my life but also one that has challenged and stretched me in ways that I never anticipated.  As a school teacher for many years I was familiar with course design, structuring lesson plans and teaching.  I never anticipated how exhilarating and challenging it would be to teach a living moving subject like yoga!  In a yoga classroom the variables are ever shifting and the material has to be spontaneously adapted to suit many needs at once.  What an exciting challenge!  As a student of yoga learning to teach for the first time, my appreciation for my teachers soared!  I began teacher training in 2002 and dipped my toe into teaching by subbing in 2003.  In January of 2004 I took on my first class.  In all of these years I have attended a couple of teacher trainings a year. 

Becoming a clear, effective teacher is a steady ongoing process, just as our practice and refinement of asana and pranayama is a steady journey towards deeper understanding and clarity.  The mission of our teacher mentoring programs is to encourage and support students and certified teachers interested in continuing their path of study and refining their teaching skills.  Whether you are embarking on teaching for the first time or wanting to improve your teaching, our program of study will help you on your journey.  There is no quick or easy way to become a great teacher but as you already know from learning to refine your practice of asana and pranayama the reward is in the journey.