Hello, Mama! 

Pregnancy is a wonderful time to take up yoga or rededicate yourself to your practice. Our focus on proper alignment and use of props for support will help your body tremendously as you adjust to its changing needs. Iyengar Yoga is a boon for the expecting mom, and you will get lots of great attention and information about how to adjust your practice to suit this precious time. We absolutely look forward to having you join our classes!

Because the Iyengar tradition and instructor certification program includes prenatal training and modifications at all levels, we welcome pregnant mothers to attend any of our classes with teachers certified at the Intermediate Junior Level 1 and above (we have 6 teachers certified at Junior 1 and above!). If you are a regular student and become pregnant, it is safe to stay with the teacher and class you regularly attend.

If you are brand-new to yoga, we recommend taking a beginner’s series. For events and workshops, please email us prior to the event, and we’ll let you know if the planned series will be a good fit for you. And congratulations!